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Our specialization is a production of brass and magnesium die plates for the printing industry.

All dies are produced mechanically (engraving) on the modern equipment.

Therefore our dies get the qualities inaccessible at manufacturing by a method of chemical etching, namely:

x as much as possible accurate display of a surface embossing;

x correct and straight angles, side faces;

x absence of traces of accidental acid on "working" zone.

Deadline is discussed separately. On average, it does not exceed 1-2 days and depends on these conditions:

x complexity, size and number of dies;

x quality of the layout according to technical regulations;

x load of production.

In case of need corrections in layout drawing according with our rules, the new variant of corrected layout drawing will forward to the customer for approval.

It is possible with the separate arrangement that order will be produced "out of turn".